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Hello everyone and welcome to the fourth Epoch Online Cup!

The tournament will be run as a normal Cup with the TOM program. There will be Swiss rounds depending on the number of players and a top cut.

Important change regarding our tournament: To participate, each player must submit a booster pack online from the Rebel Clash series. This then comes into the prize pool. Our sponsors are gonna double the amount. That means if 50 people submit a code, we have a total of 100 codes to distribute.

We also have a brand new challenge called beat the pro challenge! (sponsored by The Uncommon Shop) If you're lucky enough to compete against a Team Epoch player, you will get a booster pack. If you beat the player, you will get another code for free! (Pairings are random and if you already played against Team Epoch player, you can't take part on the challenge again)

Prizes! (will be send online in Game!)
1st Place
  • 31 Rebel Clash TCGO
  • 1 Trainers Tool Kit TCGO
2nd Place
  • 15 Rebel Clash TCGO
  • 1 Zacian V Tin Box TCGO
3rd Place
  • 8 Rebel Clash TCGO
  • 1 Zamazenta V Tin Box TCGO
4th Place
  • 8 Rebel Clash TCGO
  • 1 Top Trainer Box Rebel Clash TCGO
Top8 (5th to 8th Place)
  • 4 Rebel Clash TCGO
Top 16 (9th to 16th Place)
  • 2 Rebel Clash TCGO

Our price sponsors




Swiss rounds: Best of 3, 50 minutes
with regular top cut: Best of 3, 60 minutes
Constructed deck format
  • Ultra Prism ⋯ Rebel Clash
Registration until
Registration instructions
If you want to play in this TCGO tournament, please register on our Website with your TCGO name and your decklist. Dont forget to send the entry fee (one Rebel Clash Booster Pack ) also to Pharaul on PTCGO.
Tournament rules
  • Please register on our Website for the tournament.
  • Send the entry fee of one Rebel Clash online Booster pack to Pharaul on PTCGO (just put an Basic Energy as trade option)
  • Under Participants you can change your Decklist until end of registration time.
  • Pairings will be announced in the #pairings section of Discord and you can see your pairings afterwards on our website.
  • One round will be played within two days from Monday June 22th at 7 PM GMT +2.
  • Contact your opponent and play when you both have time until the next two days at 7 PM GMT +2 (48 hours to play).
  • Format will be Standard, Best of 3, 50 minutes. Top cut will be 60 minutes.
  • Report the match result in the #result-reporting section in Discord, immediately after completing your match.
  • Communication happens in the Team Epoch discord channel. #event-chat

Top Cut

Final - Table 1
PanZerD (PanZerD)
CoelumBoo (CoelumBoo)
Dragapult VMax
Top 4 - Table 1
Jay 595 (Jay595) PanZerD (PanZerD)
Top 4 - Table 2
CoelumBoo (CoelumBoo)
Dragapult VMax
Phallusyraptor (Rosiel54)
Dragapult VMax
Top 8 - Table 1
Jonah (Angelvspec) Jay 595 (Jay595)
Top 8 - Table 2
PanZerD (PanZerD)
chelo (cuatre22)
ADP Zacian
Top 8 - Table 3
CoelumBoo (CoelumBoo)
Dragapult VMax
Korl-Senpai (Korlondo)
Pikachu & Zekrom Tag Team
Top 8 - Table 4
Phallusyraptor (Rosiel54)
Dragapult VMax
mattmovie (mattmovie)
Cincinno Mill