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Hello everyone and welcome to Epoch Tuesday ! 

It takes form of a TCGO tournament with Swiss rounds and a topcut, played every Tuesday night at 6:30 PM GMT + 2. 
Swiss rounds in Bo1, 25min and top8 in Bo3,50min

Please register with your decklist in TCGO format on our website until Tuesday 6:00 PM GMT+2.

Entry is 2 booster of Darkness Ablaze to send on TCGO to username TeamEpoch_ch 
All boosters will be redistributed as prizes. 



Communication will be on our Discord that you can join below:


SwissFiaro is on Discord if you have any questions, see you there !

Standard Format
Swiss rounds: Best of 1, 25 minutes
Constructed deck format
  • Team up ⋯ Champions Path
Decklist Visibility
Your decklist is visible to opponents and the tournament judge
Registration until
Registration instructions
If you want to play in this TCGO tournament, please register on our website with your decklist in TCGO format.
Tournament rules

  • Please register first on our Website to register for the tournament.
  • Under Participants you can change your Decklist until end of registration time.
  • Pairings will be announced in the #pairings section of Discord and you can see your pairings afterwards on our website.
  • One round will be played every 30 minutes.
  • Format will be Standard, Best of 1, 25 minutes. Top cut will be Best of 3, 50 minutes.
  • Report the match result directly on the website using the "Report result" button. This button is located where you can see your opponent's decklist.
  • Communication happens in the Team Epoch discord channel. #event-chat
PTCGO Screen names have been masked to protect the innocent.
Please login to see the participants.

2 registered players

Player PTCGO Screen name Status Actions
Patrick W. (@TeamAbra#2130) T········8 Submitted / Registered
Miguel G. (@Murkrow#6402) M·······8 Submitted / Registered