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Hello everyone and welcome to the second Epoch Online Cup!

The tournament will be run as a normal Cup with the TOM program. There will be Swiss rounds depending on the number of players and a top cut.

Pairings will be shown in the #pairings section.

When you finished your match, send the result in the #result-reporting section.

If you have any problems, send @SwissFiaro a message.

Communication happens in the Team Epoch discord channel.

Standard Format
Swiss rounds: Best of 3, 50 minutes
with regular top cut: Best of 3, 60 minutes
Constructed deck format
  • Ultra Prism ⋯ Sword & Shield
Registration until
Registration instructions
If you want to play in this TCGO tournament,
please register in Discord under #event-chat with your TCGO name and send your decklist via private message to @SwissFiaro

Top Cut

Final - Table 1
Josepepe07 (josepepe07) Aldo Castillo (WPFragger)
Top 4 - Table 1
patientzero (Gamefreak) Josepepe07 (josepepe07)
Top 4 - Table 2
Aldo Castillo (WPFragger) Xyphus (Xyphus)
Top 8 - Table 1
patientzero (Gamefreak) Martisma (Motisma)
Top 8 - Table 2
Ein wildes Nik (Spiffy579521) Josepepe07 (josepepe07)
Top 8 - Table 3
ShionKami (ShionKamon) Aldo Castillo (WPFragger)
Top 8 - Table 4
Xyphus (Xyphus) mattmovie (mattmovie)